Premier Venue of Upstate New York

Special Effects for Our Ballroom

A vast array of visuals designed to impress!

For couples seeking that extra special WOW factor,  we offer several premium lighting options...
  • Undertable accents
  • Tabletop spotlighting
  • Rustic light-up lettercraft

Some effects require additional staff, setup, safety precautions and/or trained operation which can only be accomplished by insured technicians, who work affordably right in-house:
  • Iconic spotlight & pattern projection
  • Monogram / Your Name In Lights
  • Custom ceiling decor

Let's examine more closely each of these amazing effects...
When used with translucent white fabrics, such as cocktail tablecloths, battery powered uplighting set to your choice of colors are used to adorn background areas of our venue that demand to be explored by your guests, such as the balcony lounge on our mezzanine, or on our back deck at night. Either are included at no added cost to couples who upgrade to Dramatic Lighting Decor.
Up to 20 subtle spotlights installed overhead, specific to your floor plan, granting soft illumination for guests as they dine, highlighting centerpieces, and greatly enhancing photos taken at your sweetheart table or wedding cake, preset to your liking at up to four levels of brightness.
Your choice of projected text and icons fashioned from any combination of your names, initials or wedding date. Alternately, your favorite song lyrics, movie quote, or verse from a poem... anything! Adorns the upper tier of our ballroom, alone or in tandem with your choice of accompanying effects. You also get a custom graphic displayed on our boardwalk marquee,
Whether an open lens or used with a custom-fabricated gobo (see pattern projection above), this high-powered spotlight in your choice of any 8 preset colors, including white, is manually operated to follow you during your grand entrance, first dance, or when a guest of honor appears on stage for a speech. The applications for this effect are endless and can be used as often as you see fit for a flat-rate which covers the cost of our technician for the day.
Available by request, we can install decorative elements you provide, arranged any number of ways from key points in the high ceiling of our ballroom - over 25 feet high!  Quotes are determined by the scope and complexity of your desired effect, which includes insurance for items suspended overhead. In the picture above, white oriental lanterns have been accented by our dramatic lighting decor for a wildly colorful effect over the dance floor.

Dazzled yet?

The secret to amazing atmospheres is the right selection of lighting effects at the proper time. That's why we give you a lot to choose from -- so that no part of your reception looks or feels stale - not even for a minute - and so that every wedding we host looks starkly different from the last, guaranteeing a truly unique experience for each of our clients and all of their guests!