Premier Venue of Upstate New York

Ceremonies at the Kallet

Five Locations. One Venue!

Undeniably the most important part of any wedding day, couples strive to make theirs both beautiful and uniquely their own. Traditionally outdoors or in churches, the modern trend is to have them take place at a venue, usually the same site as the reception, which often lends substantial savings and convenience.

The Kallet expands on both of these. First, while we offer a variety of services to enhance ceremonies, there's no extra charge merely to use our venue to get married. Second, we feature five distinctly different sites for your ceremony, depending on your theme, your preferences, and, of course, the weather. And third, whichever location you choose, the following services can be provided right in house at a significant savings compared to hiring an outside vendor...
  • ATTENDANT STAFF  to arrange seating, direct parking and assist guests as they arrive
  • DAY-OF COORDINATION  to manage timing and cue your procession music

On Stage

An obvious choice for many, our historic stage provides the perfect backdrop for guests to bear witness to your nuptials, providing several advantages:
  • Our facility is equipped with state of the art A/V systems for turn-key production
  • Make use of production elements for staging, such as projection, screen & curtain
  • Guests can be seated at their tables early for zero delay between segments, or separate seating can be setup just for the ceremony and easily moved while guests are enjoying your cocktail hour.
  • Upgrades include our iconic spotlight, elegant lighting decor, and ceremony coordination

On the Deck

Also extremely popular, having your wedding take place on our back deck offers an intimate setting with natural foliage and a view of the streaming waters of the Salmon River!
  • Total privacy!
  • Upgrades include a low-profile outdoor sound system to overcome the sound of the river or a live video stream to the theater indoors to accommodate guest counts over 50.
  • Alternately, you can pre-record your vows and crash your own wedding, surprising guests from the rear of the theater as your guests watch on screen!

In Our Ballroom

A delightful modern choice, surrounded by your guests. Enter on a red carpet as your officiant reads from afar! An ideal option for those using both a photographer and videographer, allowing ample room for each to capture images from multiple angles.
  • Less than 50 feet from our lobby with no stairs to hinder the elderly or disabled.
  • Broad and spacious - allowing guests to spread out in every direction.
  • Controlled sound and lighting - ideal for your DJ, photographer, and camera crews.
  • Guests may sit at their dinner tables allowing no delays following your ceremony. Or, separate ceremony seating can be arranged and easily moved as guests transition to cocktail hour.

The Park

A spacious, outdoor setting with a gazebo in the heart of our community park across the street
  • Make use of our preferred rental company to arrange a tent, seating and other elements for the perfect outdoor ceremony, with your reception venue and alternate location in case of inclement weather less than 100 feet away, with no stairs to hinder the elderly.
  • You may need to make arrangements with the village board to reserve these grounds, as they are not expressly owned or managed by the Kallet.
  • Upgrades include coordination, attendant staff and a low-profile outdoor sound system

On the Riverside

Natural surroundings and a stone-hewn staircase lead down to the Kallet's river edge property. A fine-graveled walkway with large rocks bordering the waterline, our riverside can accommodate any number of standing guests, or up to 50 seated.
  • Natural light for photography with a superbly picturesque backdrop
  • A one minute walk from the Kallet lobby to the river edge with a single flight of stairs
  • Upgrades include low-profile waterproof sound system to guarantee nuptials are heard as well as ceremony coordination with attendant staff to arrange seating & assist guests