Premier Venue of Upstate New York

The Show's About To Start!

If you're considering a tour, you're in for a truly telling introduction!  The Kallet was recently rebuilt from the ground up with all the appeal of a classic theater but with no expense spared in adorning it with myriad modern touches.  But that's just the beginning...

A Theater, Yes!  But So Much More!

But when you come inside from taking a stroll on the deck or down by the water's edge, the ambiance of our theater ballroom begs to be noticed...

Elegant lighting cascades every wall of the theater, with subtle accents adorning the architecture.  And then, everything changes!  Colors and patterns emerge that weren't there a moment ago, as our lighting designer adjusts the atmosphere to suit the mood as the evening evolves...

And that's just for cocktails and dinner... Just wait till your party starts!
You could assume much about what lay just inside... that there's a screen, a stage,  concessions and a bunch of old, narrow seats. But think again!

The balcony overlooks a ballroom and stage, having had its original stadium-style seating removed, converting the Kallet into a versatile event space, seating up to 500 in rows or 200 at tables - comfortably!

It features a timeless, second-story lounge and spacious deck that spans the entire back side of the building and overlooks our historic landmark - the Salmon River!

Our History

In 1883, what would eventually become the Kallet Theater, got its start as the Betts Opera House.  After two fires, including the neighboring property of the Temple Theater in 1925, Regional architect Myron Kallet took possession and opened the Kallet Cinema which ran from 1939 till 1984, when it closed after nearly 45 years.

Many businesses occupied the space until 2011, when, with the support of the community, Vince and Vinny Lobdell invested in its restoration with the goal of turning the Kallet into one of the area's most unique performance and reception venues anywhere in Upstate New York.

We're All Family Here!

Karen Hurd

Karen's focus is on making the Kallet a prominent and relevant fixture within the community, developing events for families and the public.

Vinny Lobdell Jr.

Creating strong relationships with area businesses in sponsoring community events, Vinny sees to the Kallet's becoming a major regional attraction.

Vincent Lobdell

With a strong desire to give back to the community, Vince has personally invested much into restoring the Kallet to glory and shaping its future.